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a part of you.

A film about friends, plain and simple.

Awarded "Excellence in Editing" at Buffer Festival 2017.

director: Ollie Ritchie
music: Mehdi Benjelloun

"Once Again"
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Allegro (France).
Licensed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd



what do you want to be?

This was my short film entry into the 'Creative Creatures Film Festival' for 2015.

Awarded 2nd place in the "Best Film" category.
Nominated for "Best Cinematography".

Music: "Halcyon" by Wolvërhampton



'SALT' is a short conceptual documentary I made back in 2015. It was my final art project for highschool and I wanted to produce the best work I possibly could.

This film is quite old now, but it's still a project that I'm proud of.

It was nominated and selected to be in the 2016 ArtExpress Exhibition and was on display at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, Australia.