little adventures.

A collection of exploration and shenanigans.



When I first made this film back in 2014 I didn't expect it to become a series, and you can kinda see that. It's by no means my best work but it shows where I've come from, and I love that.

It's a film about my two mates (Michael and Mischa) and I and the adventures we went on over one weekend. Watched it again just then, my god I look young.



The first of the little road trips!

Lil backstory for you: My good friend Jacob has a property over 2 hours south of Sydney, Australia in a place called Kangaroo Valley. High School was finally over and myself and a group of mates (including Jacob) drove down to KV and spent a few days down just hanging out and being idiots.

And I filmed it all, for you, how lovely.


Little Adventures 3

I think this was about 6 months after the last one, mid-year holidays in 2016, which is Winter in Australia. We drove back down to Kangaroo Valley, this time for just a little bit longer.

Over six days I documented the fun times, good vibes and silly shenanigans of myself and six of my good friends. This video is a montage of those moments that we had on our little adventure.

How's that for a logline? 


Little adventures 4

Another Jacob and Ollie adventure. We decided to drive to this huge stretch of sand dunes about two and a half hours out of Sydney. Stockton Sand Dunes, look it up, pretty cool place.

I must admit, I wasn't 110% happy with this film. It didn't have the warmth and energy of the others, not helped at all by the cloudy sky. Should have probably checked the local weather before we left, oops!

It was also only one day instead of a little less than a week like the last two. A good day to learn from though, and even though I wasn't ecstatic with the film itself, after considering the circumstances I was pretty content with the final result.

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