& water.

Two films I made about life, with the help of a little bit of nature.

This is a little film that explores the idea of mountains as personal challenges.

I filmed this while I was up at my grandparents home in the Blue Mountains. The terrain there is so gorgeous, especially in the morning and evening light.

You really do feel small when you're surrounded by colossal mountains

It's a humbling feeling.

Drops like glass
that shatter onto the rock below.

One to two, two to six
six to ten,
And not a moment
no water reaches end.

But still,
still to current, water flows.
Cascades of glass
flow back home.

Journeying through shallow streams,
riverbeds won’t let them dream.
For water takes no rest or seat.
Instead, it falls.

Flowing down a face of rock,
moving forward,
the humble current knows the way
back home.
A single drop
knows the way back home.

Home to the ocean of roaring waves.
The rough sea attacking the rocks
that shattered the drops
of glass.
And in an instant, 
their life begins again."