Here are some things that I've made.



No, I'm not saying I made instagram, but I do post to it almost every day. It's a place where I can constantly output content, usually photography and short (less than one minute) films.

It's been strange this whole 'instagram' thing. It's insane. Something that started out with me taking photos on my iPod touch and sharing them with the 50 people that followed me has since turned into a community of thousands of people who support me in every creative endeavor I decide to undertake.

Instagram has become part of my everyday life. It's a part of who I am whether I like it or not. Luckily, I love it! I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't posted that very first POV iPod snap of my legs on a trampoline. If you were about to try find that photo, it's not there anymore. I believe the first photo on my feed is an edit of my face where half of it is a tiger.. 





a not so little

When my friend Jacob and I talked about this idea for the first time, we knew we wanted “to make something awesome”, something better than any project we’d done before. The result was this line:

“Drive from Sydney, Australia’s most iconic city to Australia’s southernmost tip and back again within 14 days.”

On the 3rd of December my mate Jacob and I headed out on out 14 day journey. We explored incredible locations the whole way and documented the entire thing, with the goal to create these little episodes.

 In the first three weeks of January I edited 11 films that I like to describe as "cinematic vlogs". The only thing I had to make now was a final montage that encapsulated the whole journey. 




little adventures.

'Little Adventures' is a short film series on my youtube channel. It's exactly what it says it is. An adventure that's bigger than a normal day out but not a huge undertaking (like a massive road trip for example, see above).

They're montages of the exploration, fun, stupidity and miscellaneous shenanigans that occur with my friends and I on these trips.

To me they act as nostalgic video diary entries and I hope you can feel the adventure and emotion that is present in all of them.




'SALT' is a short conceptual documentary I made back in 2015. It was my final art project for highschool and I wanted to produce the best work I possibly could.

It took about 4 months with countless hours of filming and editing and approximately 203 cups of coffee. Even though I've improved since then this is still a project that I'm proud of. 

It was nominated and selected to be in the 2016 ArtExpress Exhibition and was on display at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, Australia.