Thoughts & Feelings: This Website

Look, I'm really happy with this site.

I've been using squarespace since 2015. My old website used the Mercer template and it treated me so well. Mercer's part of the Brine family which, I think, is the largest template family squarespace offers, something like 45 different templates are in it. Super customisable, super popular. The only thing it doesn't have is a cool gallery page or interesting index features, which I really wanted.

While I was redesigning my website time around I was getting so frustrated that squarespace didn't seem to have exactly what I wanted in regards to site functionality and all that stuff. If I'm being honest.. it still doesn't. I literally made a Wix website before jumping back to Squarespace and finally settling on the Tremont template. Desperate times.

Now, the two main issues I have with this template (Tremont) are how it handles the store/products and mobile customisation. Brine on the other hand is brilliant when it comes to these two things but Tremont just can't seem to do it as well. However what Tremont does have is amazing Index and Gallery features. The main selling point for me was how it visually represents Index's (e.g. my home/motion page), I just really love the full page image previews when you hover over Links within the Index. The gallery is also, in my opinion, so much better than Brine's because of it's responsive design, it adapts to the images you import into the gallery where Brine, as far as I know, just crops all the photos in a uniform layout/style.

The mobile version of the site isn't bad but it's not exactly what I want and there are little things I wish I could customise that would make me feel much better about it. Even things like, I wish the Cart could be an Icon inside the Hamburger menu instead of just text and I wish the Product page had Quick View and category options that didn't have to reload the whole page when you clicked them. I also just wish I was patient enough to teach myself how to code and build a website from scratch. Maybe one day, but I give it a year or two before I snap and actually hire someone talented to do it. instead of me fumbling around a web-builder.

I know I've just complained a whole lot but I'm really happy with how the site looks. Sure, there are little things, but for the moment I'm sure I can deal with them. You can never really finish a website, it almost constantly needs to be updated and changed, but I love that! It keeps things fresh and new, it promotes the creation of new ideas and allows you to rethink your own brand and how you present yourself.

A little bit wanky, but it's also true.

Hope you're well,