No. 01

I've always been curious about starting a blog but I just never had time, and I pretended I hated them.

I think I decided to just do it a few months ago, because I want to make this whole website more of a cohesive space, a hub of sorts. I want to move my brand away from it's reliance on social media and start focusing on making it grow on its own. I'm not going to stop output on instagram and youtube, like at all, I love it, but I want to grow my brand outside of my socials. So that if by some horrible circumstance instagram crashes and burns, I'll still be able to carry myself without too much setback.

I mean, that's the plan. Hopefully I'm mature enough now to maintain a blog of some kind.

Do I know what it's going to be about?

Lets just hope you don't mind reading first drafts.

Hope you're well,