“A teenage hitman begins to realise that his targets are actually personified forms of his own mental disorders.”


writer & director: Mikele Puglisi
producer: Tomer Cohen
cinematographer: Ollie Ritchie
production designer: Nic Parker
editor: Mikele Puglisi
original score by: Nathan Cugola

will: Alexander Grant
felicity: Wendi Lanham
client: Louisa Panucci
alex (anger management): Benn Spillane
samuel (insomnia): Tom Matthews
zayn (sleep paralysis): Mikele Puglisi

waitress: Natalie Parpaiola
man on phone: Aaron Armstrong
person at table: Paul Nguyen

sound recordist: Tasman Porter
1st assistant camera: Daniel Cugola

1st assistant director: Jessica McDonald
best boy: Shane Parsons
art department assistant: Holly Smith
makeup: Alison Mooy & Del Woods

assistant editor: Ollie Ritchie
sound design: Mikele Puglisi
colourist: Ollie Ritchie
visual effects: Mikele Puglisi

coming soon