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A series of 4 films made for Frost* Design in a larger attempt to rethink how Family and Community Services (FACS) connects with youth in the out-of-home care system.

client: NSW Department of Family and Community Services
agency: Frost* Design
agency producer: Rachel Knepfer

director/cine/editor: Ollie Ritchie
production company: Revolver
producer: Alex Kember
music: Kristen Kenyon
actors/voice: Alex Muir, Robbie Walcott, Shiloh Jarrett, Ben Ritchie

"Look After You was an initiative created for the FACS 'Youth Empowerment Program', launched to promote a wide range of support and services available to young people with personal experience in the out-of-home care system."
- Frost* Design

Awarded Gold at the 2017 Sydney Design Awards