Seasons - A Film LUT Bundle

Seasons - A Film LUT Bundle


‘Seasons’ is bundle of 4 packs, each with 3 LUTs inside. The idea was to make custom lookup tables that draw influence from the seasons in terms of their colour and tonal characteristics. Sounds super wanky but I’m an art student so you can’t blame me.

Below is a summary of all the LookUp Tables that are in this Bundle.

A1 //
The most drastic change in this pack, green will look more yellow/orange, emulating autumn.
A2 // A more subtle push towards yellow but moves greens the other way towards teal.
A3 // Rich warmth in the yellows, green is still present. More contrast and slightly darker than the other two.

W1 //
Light blues with a red tint in the shadows. Kinda resembles kinemacolor film and some of @kat_in_nyc’s work.
W2 // Blue base shadows with fairly neutral highlights that lean towards a pink hue.
W3 // A light filter that promotes electric blues and warm highlights.

SP1 //
Greens pop and have a subtle blue tinge which keeps the ocean from looking toxic, soft highlights, hint of green up in there too.
SP2 // Warm shadows, reds are more prominent, blues lean towards more of a cyan.
SP3 // Shadows have a green tint, bumped up the highlights and shifted magenta towards more of an red/orange.

S1 //
A bright filter, light blues and soft oranges, greens shifted to more of a yellow.
S2 // Yellow highlights, blue shadows, classic LA summer music video look. Greens shifted towards cyan to keep water looking tropical.
S3 // A slightly stronger version of S1, shadows have a magenta/blue tint and water is more blue than cyan. Green’s still green.

E1 //
One of the first LUTs I made that I actually loved, used it for a fair bit of my work.

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