L04 - Spring

L04 - Spring


‘Spring’ is the third of the four packs I’ve created for the 'Seasons' bundle.

"The idea was to make custom lookup tables that draw influence from the seasons in terms of their colour and tonal characteristics. Sounds super wanky but I’m an art student so you can’t blame me."

Lighter tones and fresh greens are what I wanted to create with ‘Spring’. Green’s a pain in the ass most of the time so hopefully these help:
SP1 // Greens pop and have a subtle blue tinge which keeps the ocean from looking toxic, soft highlights, hint of green up in there too.
SP2 // Warm shadows, reds are more prominent, blues lean towards more of a cyan.
SP3 // Shadows have a green tint, bumped up the highlights and shifted magenta towards more of an red/orange.

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