L05 - Summer

L05 - Summer


Spring’ is the last of the four packs I’ve created for the 'Seasons' bundle.

"The idea was to make custom lookup tables that draw influence from the seasons in terms of their colour and tonal characteristics. Sounds super wanky but I’m an art student so you can’t blame me."

I wanted to make the ‘Summer’ LUTs look like that classic summer vibe. With light, warm tones and stunning blue water.
S1 // A bright filter, light blues and soft oranges, greens shifted to more of a yellow.
S2 // Yellow highlights, blue shadows, classic LA summer music video look. Greens shifted towards cyan to keep water looking tropical.
S3 // A slightly stronger version of S1, shadows have a magenta/blue tint and water is more blue than cyan. Green’s still green.

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